Viale Giuseppe Libetta, 30 Peschici (FG)
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Il nostro B&B si trova a pochi minuti di auto dal centro di Peschici, isolato dal traffico, circondato da boschi, ma vicino a tutti i luoghi del Gargano.
Il trabucco (nelle varianti abruzzesi e molisane detto anche  trabocco, bilancia o travocco) è un’antica macchina da pesca tipica delle coste garganiche, molisane e Il parco nazionale del Gargano

The protected area
Known more as a vacation spot or, for those who believe, as a place of preaching of Padre Pio as a nature park, the Gargano brings the imagination of millions of Italian names evocative of the hot sun, white houses and atmospheres vacationer, as Peschici Vieste, the Umbra Forest, the Tremiti Islands, the areas of the most characteristic of our country. Areas where there is baked in the sun and you dive into one of the most beautiful and clear of Italy (although, according to recent estimates of Legambiente, not excel in the ranking of the cleanest). This part of Puglia is also one of the richest of different habitats and biodiversity. The reason dates back to the morphology of the “Spur of Italy” and its history. When, between the lagoons and the mainland, began to emerge the Apennines – and we are talking about hundreds of millions of years ago – there was still the Gargano, or was just an island, separated from the mainland. Only later would the promontory joined to the mainland to form the unmistakable “spur”, but the origin of “island” in the area still has marked the evolution of the environment, with its green heart, but also with a mosaic of coastal lakes, a necklace of islands opposite and a stone desert behind that only in isolated conditions they could form. It is a habitat rich and varied as it is difficult to find in Italy. The real puzzle environments concentrated in such a small area they Gargano longer an island that a mount, which also reaches only 1,065 meters with Mount Calvo.

The Landscapes of Gargano
Gargano is a promontory shrouded by coastal forests of pines and oaks, and crops of almond, orange and olive trees. The low and sandy coast in the northern section gradually becomes steep with high limestone cliffs that open into coves of fine sand, very popular in the summer months. The interior is mostly covered by vegetation of the Umbra Forest that end the promontory with beech and pine, forming the heart of the Gargano National Park. This lush vegetation, perhaps the richest in southern Italy, they fit the countries, especially inside, have preserved their ancient structure, with winding streets and whitewashed houses Vieste, San Menaio, Peschici, Mattinata.


BB Villa Passiaturo. Viale Giuseppe Libetta 30, 71010 Peschici FG.
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